Delhi, without the Belly

We’ve both been really excited to come back to India. The last two months have been amazing, and compared to the first two they’ve been really simple, but we both wanted to get back to the no holds barred chaos and the slightly more genuine travelling feeling.

We rocked up in Delhi with no visa issues (thank god) and got ourselves all the way to town on the seriously efficient metro service, its amazing the difference 10m depth makes here. As soon as we got out of the tube station we were assaulted. By smell, by noise, by rickshaw drivers. We literally spent five minutes wandering around grinning like goons. Then realised we had No idea where we were.

After consulting the bible (LP) Megs dragged me in the direction of the cheap end of town and we got ourselves a bed in a cosy little place up a dingy  alley past the open air urinals. It was good to be back…

Delhi is a mad mix. You can go from the litter strewn streets of Old Delhi where the dust and the fumes are worse than smoking 20 reds a day to the relative calm of New Delhi where you find boutiques and chic little restaurants. The parliamentary buildings are so reminiscent of America its scary, if it wasn’t for the barrage of horns you really could be forgiven for not knowing it was India (ignoring the proudly hung flags of course).

We spent about 5days bouncing between the two entities, exploring by ourselves in the day and then hooking up with a friend from Uni who lives here in the evenings. As such we’ve actually managed a pleasant balance, and the metro system makes the whole affair a lot less stressful. Trying to arrange autorickshaws at reasonable costs being one of Indias best day to day challenges for the traveller.

Naturally of course neither of us can now breathe but hey, its India!  and its good to be back.


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