Stick in the oven and leave to roast…

In line with mad India, we went for the mad decision of a jaunt around the desert in June. The road to Leh wasnt open yet so we decided to kill two weeks with a blast through Rajasthan. At this time of year the temperatures are in the mid forties every day which makes for draining work when you travel like we do (refuse all mechanised transport once in town, even if it means walking 8-12km a day, also don’t get up before 10am so spend most of your active time across the hottest part of the day). 

Nonetheless we had a good old time and added a few more experiences to the list. We saw the Amber Fort in Jaipur,  went ziplining at the fort in Jodhpur, lazed on lakeside balconies looking at the fort of Udaipur, got attacked by monkies at the Palace at Bundi and ate pizzas at the fort in Jaisalmer.

To top it all off we had a really nice sunset camel safari out of Jaisalmer. The sunset was windy and dusty but we had the place to ourselves, the guide was really nice and the hotel guy let me drive some of the way home. It was certainly worth the excessive price we paid for it!

Just to finish on a high note we took a 17 hour train back to Delhi which was a perfect way to experience what it must feel like to be a zoo animal as we provided the main entertainment for the carriage most of the way back. 

I’d forgotten how tiring travel in India can be!  


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