Last Stop then Home

Our final stage on this trip was Mumbai. Through an act of Godly generosity we managed to avoid a 22hour train journey between Delhi and Mumbai and fly instead. This was a much more relaxing process and meant with less days in the city we could afford to end the trip in some decent accomodation. 

Mumbai was fantastic. We were back to that more southerly easy going nature and although it was muggy it was nice to be by the sea and around the palm trees again.

The city itself is a brutal mix of old and new and so you spend as much of the day looking up at the crazy architectural mixmatch as you do at where you’re going. It really was wonderful. We had been slightly apprehensive about the lack of metro there, having found the one in Delhi to be a life saver, but when we got to the train station the journey was dead simple and not busy at all. 

We spent one day in the south of the city and pretty much managed most of the free sites. The museum was student but not foreigner friendly, so thats anther point chalked up for my out of date student card! (Its turned out to be pretty useful on this leg of the trip.) But we mainly just wandered around, as usual. 

Its well worth a couple of days, if only because it really was just a friendly place, and although we didn’t manage a night out, we were told it really was a good place to do it.

After all that excitement it was quite saddening to be hitting the airport and to be flying back home. Especially when duty free turned out to be teeeeny! But there it is.

It was time for home. 


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