Back in Blighty

Well I’ve made it back to England after my two years of partying abroad and it’s all change.

I started a job, got another and I’ve been working six day weeks ever since. I competed in the Lakeland 50miler in the summer and despite having the worlds longest taper (about three months) I managed to finish in just over 12.5 hours. It was a tough challenge but certainly whet my appetite for a few more ultra races in the upcoming few years.

Now though its winter! (honest) so I’ve been trying to make the most of the day trips to Scotland. Despite the best intentions of having a climby kind of winter I’ve only put the crampons on at the indoor ice wall in Keswick! Far more time has been spent on skis (much to my surprise).
Thankfully the skimo scotland series has been around! I missed the Lecht race as it seemed a little too far to travel from Birmingham, but the Glenshee race was a measly three hour drive from Carlisle and it was a great start. With a fantastic atmosphere and enough lycra around that I didn’t stand out in my skinsuit it was a fun way to spend a day. Coming 12th overall certainly helped.

Its the Glencoe race this Saturday, and with no extra training and considerably more ascent it should be a wonderful sufferfest.

Hopefully over the next wee while I will be able to dig out some photos and keep this a little bit more up to date!


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